2005-2014 Dodge Challenger Charger Magnum Chrysler 300 Performance Exhaust Headers BBK 40120 4012

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This is Brian Rodgers for BBK Performanceto show you how to add even more horsepower, torque, and throttle response to the 2005and up 5.

7 liter Hemi V8 using our shorty headers which are available in chrome as part#4012, or silver ceramic coated as part #40120.

We begin with a baseline dyno run.

The result:294 horsepower and 317 foot pounds of torque.

Underneath the car, remove the inspectioncover from beneath the engine.

Unplug the oxygen sensors from the wiring harnesses,loosen the nuts on the clamps that attach the mid-pipes to the tail pipe sections thenloosen the nuts that attach the mid-pipes to the exhaust manifolds.

Now remove the mid-pipescompletely.

Unbolt and remove the heat shields from the motor mounts and remove the oxygensensors from the exhaust manifolds.

Remove the heat shields from the exhaust manifoldsthen unbolt and remove the stock exhaust manifolds and the gaskets.

Apply anti-seize to the bungsthen thread the oxygen sensors into the BBK headers and tighten them down.

Install theBBK headers and the supplied gaskets, apply anti-seize to the supplied hardware beforetightening.

Apply anti-seize to the supplied studs and thread them into the header collectors,then reinstall the mid-pipes.

Reconnect the oxygen sensors to the wiring harnesses andyou're done.

Now let's see how much power we picked upon the dyno.

Wow! How about an additional 15 rear wheel horsepower and 20 foot poundsof torque average all the way across the board, with a big gain around 4,000 rpm.

That's greatbang for the buck right there.

For more information on this or any of the100's of parts that BBK makes for late model cars and trucks, check out BBKPerformance.


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