Test Drive by Davidich. Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hennessey (800 HP) + Burnout!

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RuTranslated by W140 Today Iíll be talking about the car that is being faped by almost all schoolboys, lots of people think it is a very cool ride.

This car called Hennessey earlier and it got 620 hp.

Then somebody realised this is not enough, they put off kompressor and put inanother kompressor from a boat.

After that it was measured, 800 hp.

Yes, there are 800 hp.

Huge amount of my friends very like American cars.

Iíll be honest: I hate this shit.

And today we got Dodge SRT-8 Challenger Hennessey, and not regular: 800 hp.

Here it is! It is a beautiful car.

Really beautiful car, so muscle, black, big, has funny name.

I very like how this car looks from the back,from the front and side, itís so black.

It looks like a real aggressor.

Like it says: "Hey you, bro, what the fuck are you doing, come here, what is fucking videocamera for,and you, what do you want?" So itís an aggressor.

Very brutal face, impudent American black mug.

When you stand next to this caror see it on a public road, you think: itís beautiful, cool, expensive,so sweet, plus 800 hp, it should be a thing.

But in fact itís not so.

So when Iíll be telling the truth about this car(the car of my very good friend Borya).

When Iíll be telling brutal truth, Iíll add this phrase:"Borya is fucking nice guy.

" Borya :)) So, if there will be too much of these words, bro, just put ìLikeî, understand that Borya is fucking nice guy and this car is shit, and donít watch further.

Metall, no any plastic, no any additional elements we get used to seein european cars, where, you know, everything covered with plastic, some panels over here.

And thereís nothing.

Letís take a look at brake system.

What kind is that? They decided to stop 800 hp and 2.

5 tons with that? What is that? That is brembo.

But shitty brembo with no ventilationwith very small brake disc.

At the back itís just a shame.

If you take a look at that Chevrolet,do you see that shit? It has similar brake system to this.

Borya is fucking nice guy.

I donít like exaust.

Look at this, it looks like stylish, long, but in fact this is just some shitty cover, putted on a pipe.

But I very like the style of the car.

If you put there good brakes to stop it, maybeÖ In fact, many people could say:"Why have you carp to brakes, Davidich?" It has good look, many horses, color is cool, you may put good brake system andeverything will locate into right places.

But no, guys, Iíd say thatBorya is really fucking nice guy.

Regular steering wheel, regular buttons, clumsy front board, just horrible front board.

The plate here with signature: John Hennesseyand wrote Challenger SRT.

Gearshifter called Mopar.

Here is S/N, it says this car is 8 out of 50.

Engine is HEMI 6.


Thereís lots of free space.

Americans always like big cars.

Letís continue with interior.

Here is some unrecognized cheapmultimedia system with hard disk.

Very cheap plastic,insurance cover in a glove box.

By the way, this is computer block forkompressorís reprogramming.

To this block Borya also bought a man,who will set all this up, because, as far as I understand, it still needs setup.

These rotators are from past century, for sure.

Everything isÖ Guys, really, you toch this and you understand,this is really an ass here is ass, there is ass, everywhere is ass.

(c'mon, watch my ass!) Regular leather seats, nothing new.

This car is being ripped in American first,then it came to Borya.

And believe me, Borya is more brutal.

Letís go.

Well, my dear friends.

Itís definitely ugly from inside.


From outside itís pretty, everybody think you are cool man andeverything is good in your life.

In fact, you may got everything good, but this car isnít steering.

Itís hard to explain to you by video, whatís going on.

You got feeling that suspension, engineand chassis ride independent from each other.

Everything is separate.

It's stiff.

It is weird, isnít it? If there is so walky suspension, it should be soft,but itís stiff.

Pedal is unbalanced.

One time you push and itís not going at all,another time it pushes.

I think, this is because the car is non-adjusted.

Yes, itís powerful, it got wildness.

But how can you release that wildness? So, the maximum we could do is show off at corners,or at some open places, just make some smoke, or just on the straight, make some noise.

Thatís all.

So, if you own this car only for weekends and at every traffic light do like thisÖ So itís a good car.

Because who cares whatís going on inside, the only makes sense is that lotsof smoke and noise outside and everybody on the streets get highof what a car flied by them.

"Hehe, cool ride".

With a ram on a wheel.

Where Bentley I called "a sparrow", this is simple: a ram (means: stupid man).

That's all.

nice X5 M went byÖ Sounds shitty, bro.

If you ask me is it ok to drive this car everyday,Iíll say: no.

Just no.

It eats fuel by pails.

Iíll try to go easy.

Itís non-adjusted.

It understands only two things:1) pedal to the metal, 2) standby.

NaturalÖ shit.

I got strange feelings of this car.

On the one hand, itís interesting, everybody look at it, itís so stylish, so black, so beautiful, 800 hp.

On the other hand, you sit here and feel sad.

Maybe, itís right, maybe Americans wanted to be that.

Hey, Americans, have you projected all this? Different tuning elements.

This red strip in this car looks rudicious.

Like: "The racer should know what is the angle of his steering wheel.

" What a shitÖ Oh! Mister policeman.

– Hello! Can I ask you a question? – We took this car for a ride and want to understandwhat people think about it, honestly? When I see car like this, I think, some idiots behind the wheel.


) – Yeah, because normal person would never drive a car like this.

– It smokes, farts, uncontrollable, misunderstood at all.


) – From outside, what do you think? (.

) – Ok, thank you.

"Itís ok for me" ñ said policeman.

GuysÖOh, what a cool piece of shit, how is it working? Here is what the owner see.

Son, this is Test drive by Davidich.

Vasya, put "like" quickly, I donít see it! Good boy! Cool thing, yeah? Look at the reaction of Gazel driver.

– Donít you mind of one little question? We took this car of a friend to understand whatnormal people, like you, think, when see this garbage in a traffic jam? – So, this is woman opinion, that this is not a garbage, right? – Yes.

– Thank you.

It'sÖ no, you shouldnít talk about girl like thisÖ But, fuckÖ In Saint-Petersburg it's so hard to fucking talkto people in a traffic jam.

Rotators are ancient, display is ancientÖ What is this? It smells by old men inside the car.

It smells by old men inside, or, how would I say"Wrong life".

This car has only one disadvantage.

Youíre get in and it smells like if youíre in a vagina of old woman.

Like if youíre licking her vagina.

But from outside itís fucking cool.

From inside itísÖ yeahÖ fuckÖ America, muscleÖ If you want make all people in a traffic jam hate you, in this car it is possible.

Well, lookÖ As I said, it doesnít hold the road, it weaves like a shit.

You have to work with this car always, itís not a kind of car, you get in, you cool man, youíre driving a Phantom and you got a fine life.


The man, the owner of this car, didnít get a fine lifeÖ He is just not fine at allÖ The car is only for a weekend, only for fucking around.

Borya is fucking nice guy.

I want everyone whoíll see this car in Saint-Petersburg, horn and say: "Borya is fucking nice guy.

" Even when heíll sell this car, he definitely will sell this carÖ (No, no, never)Ö I want this car always be met by these words:"Borya is fucking nice guy.

" Because Borya is really fucking nice guy.

Weaving, jumping, fuck, what a shit.

In conclusion, I donít like American cars, they are no more than carts,Iím not bliss out of that cars.

The only one American car makes me exiced is Tesla.

Possibly it will also be the new Ford GT.

So, bye all, it was test-drive by Davidich, you understood all about this car.

Grand Cherokee owners, you also understood, right?(watch Grand Cherokee test-drive) By the way, Borya is fucking nice guy.

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