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Edelbrock's done it again with the groundbreakingE-4 supercharger technology and adapted for popular late-model V8 Hemis, giving them anefficient, reliable, emissions-friendly supercharger system for both the 5.

7 and 6.

1 liter MoparV8 engines.

In dyno tests, Edelbrock's Hemi systems increased horsepower to 556 and 501foot pounds of torque, an increase of 131 horsepower and 81 foot pounds on the 6.

1 literHemi.

That's a big improvement on top of an already powerful engine.

Since seat of thepants feel is so important, Edelbrock's E-Force kit provides a huge increase in accelerationwhile keeping near-stock driveability, sound, and street manners.

These kits are equallyat home sitting in traffic or blasting through a high RPM run.

Let's take a look at what Edelbrock includesin the E-Force Hemi systems.

It all starts with Edelbrock's supercharger manifold assembly,featuring Eaton's gen 6 TVS rotors, a single, high capacity bar and plate inter-cooler coolsthe incoming air charge.

The handheld EFI flash tuner is pre-loaded with the specificcalibration file for your new, supercharged engine, and, finally, all the accessoriesand wiring needed to complete the installation.

The heart of the E-4 system is Eaton's allnew gen 6 TVS rotor assembly, featuring a four lobe rotor system with 160 degrees oftwist, providing maximum flow with minimum temperature rise.

An integrated bypass valverelieves parasitic loss under part-throttle operation, making the E-Force as economicalas it is powerful.

But, what really sets the E-Force apart is the unique intake configurationthat incorporates runners a full seven inches long, an integral high-efficiency air to waterheat-exchanger and fits under your stock hood.

Edelbrock has been making some of the mostpowerful, innovative aftermarket intake manifolds for decades and the E-Force shows that designand manufacturing expertise two-fold.

The body of the E-Force supercharger is cast inthe US in Edelbrock's own foundry, giving total control of manufacturing quality, fromraw materials to finished product.

Everything is right in the box and there's no cutting,grinding, or fabrication involved in the installation.

The E-Force system is designed to work withall factory accessories and equipment and, the supercharger has a self-contained lubricationsystem, with a 100,000 mile service interval.

There's no drilling the oil pan or plumbingrequired.

Unlike air to air inter-coolers, the E-Force'sliquid-cooled system is easy to install, with no cumbersome charge air piping to route.

The completed installation has the look and quality of a factory supercharger and Edelbrockeven provides an electronic programming module to re-flash your Hemi's stock computer withthe right tune for your specific application, whether for street or race applications.

Thesupercharger's broad power-band makes this Hemi perfect for all-out, neck-snapping power,as well as recreational, everyday street duty.

The E-Force is designed for quiet operations.

So, there's no penalty in day to day driving, but all those extra horses are just a pushof throttle away from being unleashed.

Best of all, Edelbrock's E-Force supercharger systemis 50 state smog legal, E.

O pending and designed for the long haul.

In fact, Edelbrock is soconfident in the durability of your stock engine when paired with the E-Forc that theyoffer optional powertrain warranty coverage for up to five years or 100,000 miles.

In about eight to ten hours, you can takeyour late-model Hemi powered Challenger, Magnum, Charger, or 300C from ordinary to E-Forcewith Edelbrock's supercharger kit.

Edelbrock's E-Force has you covered.

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